Producers: Felix Kleyman, Ekaterina Shveiko

Production: Studio 2V

Channel: Domashniy

Director: Guzel Kireeva

Director of photography: Victor Gusarov

Genre: detective

Year: 2016

The appearance of Yulia Sokolova disturbs routine life of senior police investigator Larissa Voytovich. Five years ago her fiance Egor Rajevskiy yielded to the charms of Julia, and after a few days came to a tragic end.
In the depths of despair, Larissa even tried to commit suicide, and only the news of her pregnancy brought her the hope for happy future. But at that very moment when she had a chance to start a family, Julia appears on the horizon. She begs Larissa to forget the old insults and become partners, but for Voytovich it is difficult to overcome their hostility and  turn over a new leaf.

Meanwhile, there appear bits of new information that shed light on the mystery of the death of Egor.