Last Minute

Last Minute

Producers: Pavel Korchagin, Felix Kleyman

Production: Studio 2V

Channel: REN TV

Director: Andrei Dzhunkovsky, Sasha Kirienko, Yusoup Razykov, Alexei Treyman, Vladimir Nakhabtsev, Denis Chervyakov

Episodes: 30

Genre: drama

Year: 2010-2011

A Russian adaptation of Argentinian format Tiempo Final distributed by Telefe. Compelling stories with different characters having to make life-changing decisions last minute. Shall they indulge in an extramarital affair with their best friend’s deliciously attractive spouse or resist the temptation? Shall they help a skillful co-worker get a well-deserved promotion or dish the dirt on them to get it themselves? Shall they be a law-abiding citizen or help a friend cover up a crime? What choice will they make? This is the question…