Winner of the 25th Anniversary Games


Winner of the 25th Anniversary Games
Last Sunday, on June 16, the final of The 25th Anniversary Games was held in Jeopardy! TV show. Ivan Semushin, 32-year-old programmer from Kirov, became the winner. This is his 10th victory. All in all he has played Jeopardy! 18 times. Despite all expectations, Ivan managed to outgame such mastodons of Jeopardy! as Alexander Liber, Anatoly Wasserman, Yury Khashimov and many others. Ivan shared his feelings about his game:

— Of course I was stunned after making it to the final, because it happened only due to a great deal of luck. Alexander Liber was far ahead of me the whole game. In the final I was already calm, because before the games I considered the third-finals to be a good result for myself. But it was very pleasant to win it, of course.

The 25th Anniversary Games named after the TV show anniversary of the have been aired on NTV since the beginning of the year. The best players in the history of the program took part in the game.

Jeopardy! was first aired on April 7, 1994.

The program is a three-time winner of the TEFI TV award. The host of the program Petr Kuleshov is also the TEFI winner in the nomination "The Best Host of the Entertainment Program".