The most provocative story of family life


The most provocative story of family life
The series Double Solid Lines with Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya in the lead is starting on the "Domashniy" channel already in autmn.

The actress plays the role of Anna — a strong, confident woman, whose life once at a whim of fate turns into a real drama.
And the outcome of the story depends on how the heroine will be able to cope with the circumstances.

Vladimir Nakhabtsev, director of the series Double Solid Lines:
The story is jolly good and exceptionally interesting. This series is about a woman who happened to be in a complex situation in life and how she is trying to come through it. Life and happiness of a man may depend on one act or even one word. And sometimes it is so easy to destroy everything around.

Eugeniya Dobrovolskaya, an actress:
Often it happens so that a desired, beautiful and beloved woman turns actually into a piece of furniture. That is, she cooks, raises the children and solves all domestic problems. And the man at the same time believes that he can put her on the back burner and have an affair.
Then she decides that with another man things will be different, and she is waiting for a knight in shining armor, which will relieve her of all the problems. I think that the key role in the life of my heroine played exactly this longing for a  romantic takeoff. However, even when the romance is over, she goes all the way, and this is what I can not understand.
She plays with people, with her relatives, those whom she holds dear and who love her.