The long-awaited sequel of the series Return of Mukhtar!


The long-awaited sequel of the series Return of Mukhtar!
The long-awaited premiere of autumn on the NTV channel: further adventures of a police dog in the series Return of Mukhtar.

In the new series, the heroes of the Schukinskoe police department will have to fight not only with domestic swindlers and petty hoodlums, but also with very dangerous criminals. Some of these bandits by trick kidnap Kate Kalitina right at the entrance of her house. Concerned about the long absence of their boss lady, Max Zharov, Lesha Samoilov and Mukhtar get down to searching her and close in on the trail of the kidnappers, barely managing to save the life of the colleague.

But not only the police are constantly under the gun of the underworld. Mukhtar also suffers of their professional activities. At a regular run through with Max a stranger shoots him, but the bullet hits his master. Fortunately, the wound of Maxim is non-life-threatening, which allows him to take active participation in the investigation, because the criminal is clearly taking revenge on Mukhtar for something.

Besides, the agents will stop the activity of a secret fight club, reveal the sale of ball grenades under the guise of training ones, conduct a joint operation with the FSB, as well as get on the trail of tricky burglars, who get into the apartment by imitating the voices of people living there. Personal life of characters is also full of various events.

Of course, the garland of victory belongs to Selskaya. She either looks for a husband for expert Nadia, or learns a foreign language, making poor Sadovskiy speak to her only in English, or discovers psychic powers in herself.

Crisis is brewing in the relationship of Max and Kate. Though while Zharov puzzles out his attitude towards Kalitina, his ex-wife turns up. The unexpected meeting knocks throws them both off the groove, they recall their once-happy marriage. And Kate realizes that she can no longer hide her feelings to Max.

Watch from September 7, at 10.20 a.m. on NTV