The Double Solid Line: to be continued


The Double Solid Line: to be continued
Studio 2V started shooting the continuation of the most successful series Double Solid Line*.

In the second season things are moving around the principal characters a year later. Anna (Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya) tries to improve her relations with Vladimir (Kirill Grebenshchikov), accusing the wife of family crash. Along with it Anna works diligently in the fund assisting women suffered from domestic violence. Like no other, she hates injustice towards those who are weak. Soon we learn that she has specific reasons for that. She has a secret in her past  known to nobody. Anna would prefer to forget about this five years old episode, having forced  it from her mind. But nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest, and Anna's past catches up with her soon enough and threatens to destroy again everything that she had recovered with so much pain.  

Ekaterina Shveyko, producer:
— The characters of The Double Solid Lines aren't ideal. They have plenty of defects, claims, wishes and secrets. They are out of tune both with themselves and with others. And it seems to be attractive and makes one think about things. Those who in the first season were so-called dark horses and seemed to be quite good persons, if not angels, in the second season will drop masks.

* The Double Solid Lines series made in 2015 became the most highly rated project throughout the history of Domashny channel. The series accounted for 6.4% share on the first week and went up to 6.8% on the second week of broadcasting. Thanks to such successful performance Domashny channel entered TOP-5 in terms of the audience share (women, 25-59 years old) in the  prime-time (9:00 p.m–11:00 p.m time slot).