The Double Solid Line: Season 2


The Double Solid Line: Season 2

Anna’s attempt to cross the double solid line ended up with a tragedy in the first season. According to the authors, the continuation will be even more unexpected, unpredictable and incendiary.  The principal characters will realize that every deed performed has its price, and all the secrets come to light sooner or later.

 In the second season Anna Egorova tries to reach out to her husband, but Vladimir’s incidental acquaintance with showy and prosperous Tatyana changes her plans. Alexander’s life runs its course and only failures to start a family disrupt relationships with his wife Elena… All of a sudden Anna begins to receive anonymous threats to her cell phone concerning her daughter Yulia. But in whose flesh was she a thorn? Shocking circumstances of Anna’s past will make all think about the things done…

Vladimir Nakhabtsev, director:

“This is the story full of events – incendiary, outrageous and even perverse ones. And all of them resulted from the lies told by the character of Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya. These lies crushed everyone and, so to speak, even transformed all the characters, that is why they act so unexpectedly. However, these acts are clear, though we don’t condone them. I was glad to meet the splendid actors from the first season again and to work with new artists. They include Elizaveta Nilova who appears as a world-weary Moscow resident for whom human embarrassment is the only entertainment in her life.  And Alexander Naumov, whose character does things that cannot be excused, but we still tried to humanize him.”