Mukhtar will get a new master


Mukhtar will get a new master
Traditionally, police sheep dog Mukhtar helping the police staff to catch criminals will become the main character of the new series season.

Mukhtar is one of the long-living projects on NTV channel. For the first time the detective story came out in 2004, and since then shootings didn't stop. 758 series were finished in total, not taking into account the new season. Last year Return of Mukhtar-2 project received a figurine of the Russian prestigious television award TEFI in the "TV series" nomination.
Throughout the history of the series about the detective having a tail 11 dogs took part in the shootings, one of them will appear in the new season of the series called Mukhtar. A New Trace. This is Vivat known to the viewers of the previous series. The Mukhtar's role will also be played by sheep dog Voin.

In the project Mukhtar. A New Trace detectives Maxim Zharov, Alexey Samoylov (actor Alexey Moiseyev) and investigator Ekaterina Kalitina (Svetlana Bryukhanova) will continue to solve petit thefts, crafty deceptions and brazed robberies together with the police dog which is able to find proofs and catch offenders just as well as investigating officers.

The sequel will feature new actors and heroes. Investigator Maxim Zharov will be played by actor Vladimir Feklenko (Wood Grouse, The Game, Neighborhood Rules). Young specialists will start working in the investigation department: forensic expert Nadezhda Kostrova (Nadezhda Antsipovich) and forensic doctor Anton Lakushev (Evgeny Tokarev).

In the new season of the detective screenwriters decided to place emphasis on a problem of homeless animals: several episodes will be completely devoted to dogs shelters. Main motto of the series "The good will always win" stays unchanged.
Mukhtar. A New Trace will come out on NTV channel in the new season.