Mukhtar Fans Share Their Opinions of New Actors


Mukhtar Fans Share Their Opinions of New Actors
A week after the Mukhtar. A New Trace was launched with new characters, series fans have already started sharing their opinions regarding the actors. Fans left their impressions on askfm, a popular question and answer service.

— It is unusual to see new characters so far. But honestly I like them. Quiet and polite Ivan, pushing and acid-tongued Zhenya. They, however, very much different from Tyoma, Tolya, Max and Lyosha (characters of first series - ed. note). And it’s so cool because they should not be similar. I’m curious to see their development in new episodes.

— Yes, many things have changed. I miss Max and Lyosha, but it is more exciting with new actors.

— I like changes. Things got better for Max, Lyosha achieved what he wanted. I like Shurik – a butterfingers having a mega brain. Anton and Nadya are just meant for each other, and I hope that they will be together.
— New characters. New impressions. Zhenya is a man of humor, Vanya is kind and caring. I started to get used to them.

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New episodes of Mukhtar. A New Trace have premiered on May 14 on NTV. The series now features new officers: Ivan Davydov (new Mukhtar’s master) and Evgeny Roshchin (Ivan’s workmate) played by Artyom Osipov and Sergey Gromov.