Mukhtar. A New Trace


Mukhtar. A New Trace
The story about a close-knit team connected not only by office relationships, but also by true friendship, was first aired 13 years ago.

Detectives Maxim Zharov, Alexey Samoylov and investigator Ekaterina Kalitina solve petit thefts, crafty deceptions and brazed robberies together with Mukhtar – a police dog which is able to find proofs and catch offenders just as well as investigating officers. For the years of service the police officers have become a single well-coordinated system where each member has its role.

The sequel of Mukhtar. A New Trace will feature new actors and heroes. Investigator Maxim Zharov will be played by actor Vladimir Feklenko, and Mukhtar will be played by sheep dog Voin (Warrior in English) to replace the previous dog called Vivat. The investigation department will also engage forensic expert Nadezhda Kostrova (Nadezhda Antsipovich) and forensic doctor Anton Lakushev (Evgeny Tokarev). Main motto of the series "The good will always win" stays unchanged.