Mukhtar. A New Trace: Premiere of New Series


Mukhtar. A New Trace: Premiere of New Series
Our characters are going to face serious challenges in the new series. A new officer appears in the Shchukino police office – Captain Evgeny Roshchin (Sergey Gromov). He comes to replace Alexey Samoylov who retired from service for a job with better prospects. Soon after that personal life circumstances force Maxim to make a tough choice and leave the office too. Colleagues are shocked by this news. Mukhtar’s reaction suggests that he doesn’t want to go somewhere. When his last investigation is completed, Maxim arranges a farewell tea run where he understands that it is better to stay for Mukhtar.

After Maxim Zharov leaves, Mukhtar needs a new workmate. This position is sought by Captain Ivan Davydov who managed to transfer to the Shchukino police office from the Moscow Criminal Intelligence homicide department. Ivan had to change his job due to tragic events occurred in his family. Davydov has no experience in working with dogs, but he is willing to gain knowledge and learn skills required for this. However, Mukhtar is reluctant to contact with the new workmate.

The new series will be released on May 14 at 09:00 a.m. on NTV