Jeopardy! to launch jubilee games


Jeopardy! to launch jubilee games
Jeopardy! is back on January 13 with 1500 episode and announces the Jubilee tournament in honor of the 25th anniversary of the program.

Since that time, more than 136 thousand questions have been asked, about 5 thousand names of players and applicants have been put in the editorial database, 20 times the winners have left the studio on cars they won, more than 40 million rubles as well as 21 kilograms of money have been taken. 

In the first game of the tournament are participating the legend of the program Anatoly Wasserman, who had won 40 games and 21 games in a row, Pavel Korolev, who interrupted Anatoly Wasserman's win-win series 17 years ago and Alexei Sereda — a lawyer from Moscow, who was born in 1994, the year Jeopardy! was first aired.

Jeopardy! was first aired on April 7, 1994. Multiple winner of TEFI television award.