He came back!


He came back!
NTV continues to present the favorite series Return of Mukhtar. In the new series, the characters will continue to tackle crime ... and various temptations.

Colonel Khrulev does not wish to adhere to the prescribed diet and continues snacking with the usual sandwiches. Mukhtar has no choice but to take responsibility for the healthy diet of his chief.

Selskaya craves to move into luxury apartments, but has to sell the old flat, which for some reason nobody wants to buy.

Lesha Samoilov will also face challenges, although in another sphere.
His former classmate, with whom he was in love, asks him for help. They both recall wonderful school years, as though the old feeling has not disappeared.

Other characters also don't stay away from passion.
Sadovskiy, tired of household duties, charges the cleaning to the cleaning company employee and, as a result, gets under suspicion of treason.

Meanwhile, Max Zharov creeps into favour of the only suspect against whom there is no direct evidence in the guise of an enamoured admirer.
The role of trickster is difficult for Maxim — in the course of the investigation, he manages to fall in love with the girl.

For Kate Kalinina it turns out a big challenge, but she shows the wisdom of a woman, realizing that jealousy makes no sense.

And Mukhtar as a real friend tries to support his colleagues in all things and helps them in the way only he can.