Happy Birthday, Jeopardy!


Happy Birthday, Jeopardy!

The Jeopardy! TV show celebrates its 25th anniversary. To commemorate this event "Games of 25 Years" have been held on NTV channel since the beginning of the year where the best players in the history of the show compete. In total, 81 players take part in the jubilee tournament. The top three of them will meet in the Final.

 Currently, the following legendary players of Jeopardy! made it into the next (second) round: Anatoly Wasserman, Boris Burda, Yury Khashimov, Pavel Smorschkov and others.

 Jeopardy! was first aired on state television on April 7, 1994. Since that time, more than 136 thousand questions have been asked, about 5 thousand names of players and applicants have been put in the editorial database, 20 times the winners have left the studio on cars they won, more than 40 million rubles as well as 21 kilograms of money have been taken.

 The show is a three-time winner of the TEFI TV award. The host of the program Petr Kuleshov is also the TEFI winner in the nomination "The Best Host of the Entertainment Show".

 — Petr Kuleshov, the host:

— When it all started, it was impossible to imagine that the show would last so long. I was invited by chance. Producers had to find among the erudites a person artistic enough and able of speaking quickly and loudly. Or find an erudite among the actors. I was just in the right place at the right time. Although I was a fairly knowledgeable guy in my youth. At that time my head was still working a little. Now, when I look at the displayed questions I can answer only 50-70 percent of them. I've never tried to play Jeopardy! I have a suspicion that if I am put in the player’s place, I will lose everything. But I like what I do. We have a surprisingly nice team. And the show has, in general, an intimate atmosphere. Everything is so calm and kind.

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