Do not miss the anniversary edition of Family Feud


Do not miss the anniversary edition of Family Feud
20 years ago, in 1995, the most merry family program Family Feud was premiered. The TV-game quickly won the audience's love and became a really popular program. Unlike other panel games, the main task of the participants in Family Feud is to guess the most popular answers to unexpected questions. For example, "Why did the starlings refuse living in the birdhouse?" Or "What has the wife hidden in the closet?".

In the anniversary edition, you will see the very first program participants:
the group Neschastniy Sluchay and VIA Samotsvety. Incidentally, the leader of the Neschastniy Sluchay Alex Kortnev can be considered a veteran of the program, as he played Family Feud five times! Will his team win or will the  fortune smile upon Samotsvety?

Watch Sunday, April 5, the anniversary edition of Family Feud on Russia 1

Sergei Pekhletsky, producer of the program:
One of the hidden sides of the work of editors is collecting questions. This must be done so that any of the teams could not play host. After all, experts will give the "right" answers. But the needed are the most popular! That is, those that passers-by in the street gave.
In one of the first games many years ago we made this mistake.
And a team consisting of five professors of medicine, got the following question: what disease is the most common? It is clear that the respondents in the street called cold, flu, sore throat ... These particular answers were hidden on the display panel. But the trouble was that the guru of medicine knew the absolutely correct answer: atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease! It is clear that there was no such answer on the display panel! The audience laughed, we were surprised and the pundits outraged: how is it possible to earn zero points for the only right answer!

Here is another example. There was a simple question asked: "Who is the most famous traveler?". The question is completely neutral, and one would think it does not imply funny answers. There were the names of Columbus, Magellan, all waiting for the Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama, but instead the third most popular  turned out to be...
Robinson. But he generally spent half of his life on the island. 

It is impossible to predict the answers — this is the most interesting and funny feature of the program.