Dialogues about Animals. The Moscow Zoo: New Episodes


Dialogues about Animals. The Moscow Zoo: New Episodes
Ivan Zatevakhin continues to familiarize viewers with dwellers of one of the oldest zoo in Europe. This time the show was shot in winter. When it becomes cold, the zoo transforms but not closes. Some animals stay outdoors since they are adapted to cold weather and therefore don’t afraid of cold at all. Others move to indoor heated enclosures. Some animals stay in their places of living both in winter and in summer. Some of them sleep through the winter, and choose a quite unexpected place for it.

Ivan will visit polar bears and Japanese macaques, call on the ground hornbill and the African elephant, look in on the pygmy hippopotamus and bats, drop in on the “wonder of nature” ant bear and many others.
The Moscow zoo houses over 1,000 animal species, and about 4 million people come to see them every year. But the Dialogues shooting team only was lucky to enter places closed for other visitors. Ivan Zatevakhin invites viewers to look in secret rooms of the zoological labyrinth hidden in the heart of Moscow.

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