Child’s Play back on air


Child’s Play back on air
The family intellectual show Child’s Play helping adults to understand children better returns to NTV. As before, participants will compete in guessing words. The main complexity and humor of the situation is that all concepts will be explained by kids who only begin to learn the world around them.

For the first time Child’s Play program aired in 1992, and it means that in the new NTV season the show will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Popular actor, musician and father of five children Alexey Kortnev will host the relaunched project.

In the new version of the program traditional contests will be supplemented by new ones. In one of them adults will try to guess the topic of the interrupted conversation with a child. However, supergame "Pobezhdalki" (Small Victories) will become the main novelty of the family show. In this game adults and children will switch places. Now kids will try to understand the adult's explanations. A participant who will be able to talk the language of children and to explain words to them, will win a special prize for the team.

Shootings of the program take place in the new studio equipped with the huge screen on which video messages of kids will be shown. Both ordinary married couples and entertainers will be able to try the hand in the Child’s Play project.

The premiere of the program will come out on NTV television channel in the new season.

Alexey Kortnev, project host:
— I watched Child’s Play in the 1990-ties. I remember that the show was aired practically without scenery. I am very glad that the good old, tried-and-true program is reissued. It is one of the kindest and most positive broadcasts of our television.