Russian Heiress

Russian Heiress

Producers: Pavel Korchagin, Felix Kleyman

Production: Studio 2V

Channel: Rossiya 1

Director: Dmitriy Kuzmin

Director of photography: Oleg Grebenkin

Genre: melodrama

Year: 2012

A young hardworking seamstress Katerina Shebetina struggles through life having to work around the clock to make ends meet. One day Katerina receives an unexpected message from the US saying that her high school sweetheart passed away and made her sole heiress of his enormous fortune.

Soon after Katerina finds out that her child, who, she thought died right after his was born, is in fact alive. Her son needs a very expensive heart surgery to survive. Katerina’s life turns into a nightmare when the American lawyer who comes to Russia to sort out her inheritance paperwork goes missing.