The Giving-Life Delta

The Giving-Life Delta

Producers: Gennadii Klibaner, Sergei Serebryaniy

Director: Ivan Zatevakhin

Year: 2015

The Volga River delta is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. A great number of animals and plants have found a shelter here. The movie gives a unique chance to get acquainted with surprising life of this ecosystem encompassing 320 bird species and 135 fish species and to find out what sets the Volga delta apart from all other world deltas.

Ivan Zatevakhin makes a trip to the most secluded corners of the delta consisting of a thousand of islands and channels. The expedition takes place during scorching forty-degree heat. Nevertheless, operators manage to make a close view of nests of fish hawk, sea eagle and heron; to spot hunting of pike, night heron and cormorant; to visit nesting places of great black-headed gull at the seaside and even to track the entire process of transformation of a larva to a dragonfly.