New season of the intellectual game "We Know Russian"


New season of the intellectual game "We Know Russian"
On August 29th, 2020, the Mir TV channel will release the first issue of the "We Know Russian" intellectual game in an updated format. The program is being produced by "Studio 2V" which has a series of other successful projects like "Child’s Play", "Jeopardy!", "Family Feud", "The Weakest Link" for the Russian television.

In this game show the representatives of different countries and nationalities compete in the knowledge of the Russian language and Russian culture. The charisma and sparkling humor of the game host Sergei Fedorov turn knowledge testing into an exciting show for the whole family. The unusual facts and discoveries made while watching the program increase the popularity of the Russian language all over the world.

Six participants, divided into two teams, will compete in each issue of the program. The one with the most points achieved will become a winner. Based on the results of the qualifying rounds, the leaders will be eligible to play in the Super Final of the season. Those who will show the greatest flexibility of mind, using logic and erudition to solve the most difficult tasks, will be recognized as experts in the Russian language.

Join to watch the first release of the updated "We Know Russian" game show on Saturday, August 29th, at 8:05 am on the Mir TV channel.